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How do you define your brand?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Now, that's a loaded question isn’t it, albeit - an important one. Let's start by introducing you to Evolve Marketing. Started in February 2021 - there was a large rise in social media (we’ll come back to this one). I have ten years of experience in marketing, social media, data analysis... I won’t make this a resume. I knew it was time to do something different. My husband told me in the new year to choose a word to describe myself this year - it happened to be “Evolve” - the reason being - as human beings we are constantly changing and evolving into (what I hope) are better versions of ourselves. When I started the business - the first thing I did was search the two words “Evolve Marketing” and it was available in Ontario. Now, I have competition - that's for sure. But hey, that's what SEO (search engine optimization is for!). Put together “Evolve Marketing” is a term of growth. Meaning this company will constantly be growing, changing, and developing. I choose a butterfly for my logo to symbolize that.

Let’s return to the talk about the rise of social media - did you know that social media usage increased 40% in the Covid-19 Pandemic? That is why I got into all of this!

The pandemic showed the rise of social media for many people but also small businesses. We were forced to pivot (some into a territory they had never been before!) but this allowed a social media gain and thus loyal and new customers. This is where Evolve Marketing comes in.

I am here to help with your social platforms.

I perform social media check-ups. Is your content engaging? What conversion metrics are you tracking? What social media platforms do you use? If this sounds like something you need help with OR, just want to check up on, the first thing we do is - define your brand! I would love to hear your story!

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